Winter Is Coming, It’s The Perfect Time To Join A Gym Training Class!

The weather outside is dreary and the days are becoming shorter. With summer behind us and the days growing colder many of us are looking for alternatives to our daily outdoor exercise routines. Some people join classes, others do workouts at home. While those are good alternatives here at Onyx Fitness we offer gym training classes Bellmore and to all members current and new in Massapequa Park, Seaford, and all across Long Island. We encourage you to come in and join one of our gym training classes so you can keep up your exercise routine even when there is snow on the ground.

At Onyx Fitness we have two types of gym training classes that we offer for our members. We offer a cardio training program and a strength training program. If you decide to enroll in our cardio training program long island our class is intended to build your endurance, improve your heart rate, and simply a great way to remain active. With keeping your exercises fun, and energetic with one of our inspiring instructors that are taught or led by some of the best fitness professionals in the country.

If you are looking to gain strength, or simply build more muscle and tone up then Onyx Fitness also offers a strength training program. This is recommended for members looking to target major muscle groups in their body by gaining power, strength, and endurance during their workouts. You’ll utilize the gym equipment available in our extensive Long Island facility to lose weight and gain lean muscle in the process. You can choose to take the two classes together to get your desired results or take one or the other if you are looking to meet more specific fitness goals.

When you decide to sign up for a gym training program on Long Island, let Onyx Fitness be your go-to gym for all of your training program needs. See why our members from Massapequa Park and Seaford love coming into our facilities for all of their fitness needs. At Onyx Fitness we build a community with our members so that they feel encouraged and welcomed to come to work out in our facility, while we help them achieve their fitness goals. If you are looking for the best way to chase away those seasonal blues, and want to make sure you keep yourself from adding the extra pounds during the holiday season, then come sign up for one of our gym training programs here at Onyx Fitness! 

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