Keep Your Body And Mind Harmonious During The Holidays By Scheduling Time For A Workout!

The holidays are a very busy time for many of us, between spending time with family and parties and other obligations sometimes our routines are thrown out of order. When that happens, it is good to have some normalcy like going to the gym to keep up with your workout routine. You might not believe it but working out has excellent benefits for you, it keeps you healthy, is known to help alleviate signs of depression and will keep you feeling energized during the holiday hustle and bustle. If you’re in Bellmore, NY or anywhere in Long Island and in need of a workout to relieve some of that holiday stress look no further than Onyx Fitness.

Usually, during the holidays we tend to put your own well being on the back burner when your mind is occupied with things you will be doing for others instead. People have the tendency to skip their workouts when they are trying to squeeze in time to get shopping done or spend time with family and friends. For others, it might just be not wanting to travel out in the cold or we are just plain exhausted at the end of a long workday.

Want to still keep your workout routine in check during the holidays, here are a few tips we suggest to help maintain your fitness goals, even if it might seem impossible!

Plan Ahead Of Time: When you’re making your to-do list or scheduling events, try to squeeze in some time where you can go to the gym by setting up little reminders where you know you might have an hour or half-hour free to get to the gym.

Bring A Friend: If you have friends visiting or family, encourage them to join in on your workout. Onyx Fitness offers a guest pass to our non-members and lets them join you in your workout, or for a class and it will definitely make the time at the gym more fun!

Try A New Class: If you’re looking to break from the routine, why not try one of our fitness classes lead by our top instructors? We offer yoga, kickboxing, and more. Check our schedule here to see what is available.

Working out shouldn’t be seen as a chore or something you actively avoid. You should want to enjoy the time you spend on making yourself feel healthy. While you’re being generous and giving to others during this holiday season, make sure to give a little to yourself right back. Join us at Onyx Fitness, in Bellemore, NY let our highly trained fitness professionals and gym help you maintain your fitness goals.

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