Give The Gift Of A Private Fitness Class!

The holidays are approaching and with that, it brings parties, dinners, and lots of sweets. This time of the year is festive, and you should enjoy yourself, but we understand that sometimes it can be difficult not to indulge in extra goodies during the holidays and we understand how important it is that you stick to your fitness goals. So what better gift to give yourself than signing up for a private fitness coaching class in Bellmore, NY at Onyx Fitness. Signing up for a private fitness coaching class will give you access to one of our highly trained fitness professionals who will work with you to make sure you stay on top of your fitness goals.

Whether you’re looking to add more muscle, lose some weight, or just make sure you aren’t adding on the extra pounds during this time of the year our fitness trainers will help you with every step along the way. We will coordinate a time for you to come in and work around your busy schedule to make sure that your fitness and training plans are specific to you and your goals. There isn’t a single plan that fits all individuals and their fitness goals, so we work closely with each of our members to make sure the plans meet their goals, and that you see the results you want.

Our private fitness coaching classes work in helping you build your endurance while focusing on your heart rate, and helping you burn fat in any problem areas where you can’t quite seem to shed the weight off. The routines we create for our members during their private classes help members learn how to work towards their fitness goals and discovering the body’s strength and it’s limit. Sometimes people can push themselves too hard and end up sustaining an injury or soreness and while feeling the burn is good, we don’t want our members to overextend themselves either.

When you decide that you want to sign up for a private fitness coaching class here at Onyx Fitness in Bellmore, NY know that you will be signing up for an individualized fitness plan that will help show you the results you are looking for, and not to mention it is a great gift to give yourself when trying to remain on top of your health over the holidays. At Onyx Fitness we want to make our members feel great in an excellent facility that offers state of the art equipment, and our trained fitness professionals are some of the best in the country and are here to help you. If you’re interested in private fitness coaching classes call us today at (516)221-1800.

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