Stay Fit and Fearless with a High-Intensity Boxing and Kickboxing Workout

If you’re tired of your regular workout and want to upgrade your fitness routine to a more challenging level, a kickboxing workout is an excellent choice. This type of workout is an intensive hybrid training based on a combination of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics techniques. It is a high-power workout that strengthens your body and mind, improves your reflexes, builds endurance, and effectively decreases stress. 

Staying in shape is a challenge for many people and so is self-defense in today’s troubled times. Kickboxing workout routine addresses both of these concerns at the same time. If you feel like you are ready to start a boxing workout class, the Onyx Fitness club has the best trainers to guide you through your fitness journey. 

Here are a few things you should consider so you can get started with a kickboxing workout:

  • 1) Set your fitness goals according to your fitness level

There are different types of boxing and kickboxing workout plans designed to reach specific goals. So, first, you will need to analyze your current fitness level to determine what kind of kickboxing workout routine best suits you. If you already do cross-workout, your body might be able to adapt to a kickboxing workout routine more quickly. Our high-intensity boxing and kickboxing classes at Onyx Fitness Club will help you sculpt your body into a more desired shape with a personalized routine as per your fitness goals and your current fitness level.

  • 2) Learning from certified professionals

The boxing and kickboxing workout does not only help you burn calories and get in shape faster but also builds your fighting skills. At Onyx Fitness Club, our classes are taught by a certified boxing coach. You will learn various fighting skills such as throwing jabs, hooks, crosses, uppercut combo, and more. You will learn to apply these skills in an actual boxing scenario, resulting in better cardiovascular fitness and body strength.

  • 3) Essential kickboxing gear

Unlike your regular workouts, there is a greater chance of getting hurt if you are not using the right gear during a kickboxing workout. It is essential to be equipped with the proper kickboxing and boxing gear before starting your first class. You will need to have wraps and boxing gloves to prevent injury during the workout with a heavy punching bag. You should also carry a towel and water bottle with you. 

  • 4) Getting started

The workout routine may differ as per different classes and your personal fitness goals. Your trainer will help you get familiar with the necessary core skills to get started if you haven’t tried a cross workout before. It will help you build endurance and adapt to the boxing and kickboxing routine faster. 

The boxing and kickboxing routines cannot be mastered in just a few classes, so be patient, follow your trainer’s advice, keep your diet healthy, and keep pushing yourself until you get used to the rigorous new exercise regime. Once you get used to the routine, we guarantee you will definitely get addicted to it. 

If you want to get started with boxing and kickboxing workout classes, get in touch with our team.

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