How does the Combined Power of Protein & Creatine Give Better Fitness Results?

Nutrition is the biggest contributor to the outcome of a fitness regime. Without a proper diet that includes the appropriate proportions of macro and micronutrients, no amount of intense workouts will result in any significant changes in the physique you are seeking to build. However, even with a strict calorie intake through an organic diet of veggies, meat, and carbs, your body may be deficient in essential components in building lean muscle and facilitating your daily workouts with more energy. Here comes the cult favourite whey protein and creatine supplements.

What are Whey Protein & Creatine?
In the field of sports nutrition, where every exercise and workout is aimed at achieving a better body shape, a supplementary diet makes this goal much easier to achieve. Ask a fitness enthusiast, and you’ll hear all the good things about the wondrous whey protein and creatine. So, what are these supplements actually, and what do they do?

Creatine Monohydrate is an organic compound integral to the energy production in our bodies. While it is a naturally occurring compound in the human body, the amount may differ for each individual due to their unique physiological attributes. Hence, to aid muscle building through rigorous training, fitness enthusiasts can choose creatine supplements to help increase muscle mass, strength, and improved performance in every workout.

Creatine works by raising the phosphocreatine stores in the muscles. As the molecules facilitate energy production, short-duration muscular contractions are intensified. Moreover, creatine is not only limited to supplementary form or dependent on our bodies’ natural production. Rather, creatine can be found in various food products, especially meat. However, keeping the macronutrient in check for the total calorie intake during the day, a scoop of creatine supplement is more direct and impacts the exercise significantly.

Whey Protein is not dependent on description to enlist its myriad benefits for health and fitness. This is because protein is one of the fundamental building blocks of a healthy body, especially for a person building muscle or losing weight. Muscles are strained and torn due to the pressure to grow when one exercises vigorously through strength and resistance training. And for growing muscles they require nutrition in the form of pure protein. Hence, all gym rats are often dubbed as the “always protein-hungry lot,” which is quite justified as their bodies require this crucial macronutrient to strengthen themselves to lift heavier.

Similar to the case of creatine requirement, a major portion of protein can be consumed from organic foods like pulses, tofu, eggs, and meat products. Taking a whey protein supplement right after your workout is the best approach, as it has been shown to speed up muscle recovery and increase muscle mass. These two are elemental in seeing impressive results through a dedicated exercise regime.

In essence, whey protein and creatine supplements have shown significant benefits in muscle-building, whether consumed alone or in conjunction with proper organic nutrition. The key lies in understanding your body and creating a plan that allows it to achieve your physique goals sustainably. Hence, the Onyx Fitness Club team works with you every step of the way in helping you build your dream body through our dedicated workout and meal plans. So join and work with us and let’s build something beautiful!

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