Kickboxing Classes In East Meadow, Long Island

Punch and kick your way to achieving your fitness goals. If you’re looking for kickboxing classes in East Meadow, NY then you should look no further than Onyx Fitness. Our classes will be the key to helping you achieve your fitness goals. The classes are high intensity and designed to help burn calories and sculpt your body for a workout like you’ve never experienced before. Our trainers will lead you through a dynamic boxing program that properly trains you and helps you achieving your overall fitness goals.

When you enroll in our kickboxing programs in Long Island, NY it is led by one of our highly trained instructors. The class is high energy and offers cardio conditioning, muscle conditioning and buildings flexibility in our members. Our classes are easy and fun to follow along. You will get in the best shape of your life while having fun. We offer high intensity interval training or HIIT Boxing workouts. Our classes are excellent in teaching our members how to build their endurance, and how to properly throw jabs, crosses, hooks, and the perfect uppercut combo that will help you workout your entire body.

Working out can often seem like a chore, and when you see it as something you dread you are less likely to want to go to the gym. It is why Onyx Fitness offers’ an alternative to the regular gym routine. When you join a kickboxing class you’ll feel the camaraderie between yourself, the instructor, and your classmates as you all work towards your fitness goals. When you join a class it’s also a great way to meet people and gain support during your kickboxing classes. It is why if you’re interested in signing up for kickboxing classes in East Meadow, NY get in touch with us today at Onyx Fitness and call us at (516) 221-1800 .

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