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Boxing/Kickboxing Training Bellmore, LI

Boxing/Kickboxing Training Bellmore, LI

Boxing/Kickboxing Training Bellmore, LI

Punch and kick away body fat with ONYX Fitness Fitness’ Boxing and Kickboxing Classes in our Bellmore, Long Island location. Our high intensity boxing and kickboxing classes will help sculpt your body and burn calories like no other workout you’ve experienced before. Your trainer will lead you through an explosive boxing program where you’ll learn how to properly train and focus on your overall fitness goals.

Both of our Boxing and Kickboxing programs offer cardio conditioning, muscle conditioning, and flexibility. These fun and easy to follow boxing and kickboxing programs will get you in the best shape of your life while having a blast. Onyx Fitness in Bellmore, Long Island also offers High Intensity Interval Training, or HIIT Boxing workouts.

  • Build Endurance
  • Learn Proper Stretching/Pre-Workout Routines
  • Throw Jabs
  • Throw Crosses
  • Throw Hooks
  • and Throw Uppercut Combos That Will Help Work Your Entire Body!

Elite Fitness Schedule

* Instructors and classes are subject to change

Intro to asana yoga for beginnners

With eileen will be held the 3rd wednesday of every month

If you’re ready to get into the best shape of your life, give us a call or come in to speak with one of our membership specialists.
We can’t wait to see you here at logo Fitness in Bellmore, NY!

Programs & Classes

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