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18 April

How does the Combined Power of Protein & Creatine Give Better Fitness Results?

Nutrition is the biggest contributor to the outcome of a fitness regime. Without a proper diet that includes the appropriate proportions of macro and micronutrients, no amount of intense workouts will result in any significant changes in the physique you are seeking to build. However, even with a strict calorie intake through an organic diet […]

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10 March

3 Incredible Benefits of Stretching for Your Body that No One Should Ignore!

Exercising is important for many reasons, and everyone seems to be adopting different forms into their routine these days. While the jaw-dropping weight loss transformations highlighting our social media may serve as a major source of inspiration for many, it is intrinsic motivation that produces results. However, keeping the bigger picture in mind and planning […]

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25 September

Important rules for building aesthetic muscles with targeted bodybuilding training

Bodybuilding is one of the best ways to improve your body aesthetics and achieve the symmetry of your muscles. It is the process of enhancing your body’s muscles while promoting your overall health and fitness. With targeted bodybuilding training, you can make significant changes in your physique and fitness level. In addition, body-building not only […]

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24 August

Top Reasons Why Functional Fitness Should Be Part of Your Routine

The world of health & fitness is brimming with different terminologies and approaches with a common goal. At the end of the day, all techniques aim to help you achieve a holistically aesthetically pleasing physique. Although each individual trains with a personal goal in mind, the desired results are identical. So, whether you are aiming […]

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19 July

Affected by the Quarantine 15? Here’s how you can beat it!

Ever since the pandemic started, our lives have been impacted in many ways. Recently, a study conducted by Nutrisystem revealed that over 76% of Americans have gained weight during self-isolation. But, this is really not that surprising. When the lockdown was imposed, many Americans stocked up on snacks and canned foods. Moreover, with the gyms […]

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23 June

Gain More Muscles – Benefits Of Strength Training Regime For Bodybuilding

Do you want to get ripped and build more muscles? Strength training will help you increase your strength while building your muscles. Strength leads to size! Working on your strength is paramount to expand your limits and achieve your next bodybuilding goals, especially if you want to take your weight training up a notch. Simply […]

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25 May

Stay Fit and Fearless with a High-Intensity Boxing and Kickboxing Workout

If you’re tired of your regular workout and want to upgrade your fitness routine to a more challenging level, a kickboxing workout is an excellent choice. This type of workout is an intensive hybrid training based on a combination of boxing, martial arts, and aerobics techniques. It is a high-power workout that strengthens your body […]

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09 April

Get The Most Out Of Your Workout Routine With High-intensity Interval Training (Hiit)

Many people believe that spending hours in the gym and lifting heavy weights is the only way to get the best fitness results. However, due to busy life and a stressful job, it can be a real challenge to find the most efficient ways to use our precious hours for fitness. Balancing your family life, […]

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02 March

New Year’s Resolution and Fitness

Welcome 2021! This year, make your fitness resolutions stick with a personalized physical fitness program. Many Americans make getting fit and losing fat a New Year’s resolution. Unfortunately, the odds are often stacked against you. Most New Year resolutions usually crumble by February, despite good intentions. And achieving fitness goals is no exception. But why […]

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ONYX Fitness Training NY
12 February

No Excuses! Take Charge Of Your Fitness In 2020

Did you always want to have a fit and lean body? But excuses were getting in your way? You don’t need to feel guilty now because it is 2020, and you have a fresh start for your body and your fitness goals. It’s never too late to take care of your body. All you need […]

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